Best Android Gaming Tweaks with L Speed 2020

Best Android Gaming Tweaks with L Speed 2020

Best Android Gaming Tweaks with L Speed 2020
Android Gaming Tweak - one of the effective ways to improve Android's performance in a significant way is to modify the system, it is also often called a tweak. Clearly, the system tweak is much better than the game booster app in the Play Store which most only do RAM optimization.

Unlike system tweaks that are able to optimize various sectors of Android smartphones, from CPU, GPU, RAM to Internet optimization. With that in hand you can get the best performance from the device you're using.

Well in this article I will share an easy-to-use system tweak application to manage the use of both gaming and to upgrade the battery life, which is using L Speed APK. Let's go straight to the discussion below.

What is L Speed?

Android Gaming Tweaks with L Speed 2020
L Speed is a modification that combines tweaks inside an intuitive application, the goal is to improve performance, reduce lag or broken fracture, increase battery life and improve your gaming experience on Android devices.

L Speed comes with a nice and easy to understand interface. Various tweak options are available in this app. L Speed also supports changing theme colors with light and dark options available according to user's taste.

L Speed APK Function

L Speed function
  • Improve performance thoroughly
  • Improve battery efficiency
  • Reduce lag during game play
  • Kernel managements
  • CPU, GPU, RAM, IO and network optimization
  • Doze optimization
  • Cleans cache and junk files
  • Etc.

Download L Speed APK

L Speed | Github

Application Requirements

  • Android 4.0+
  • Root access

Don't use L Speed with other All in One tweaks. You need to clean up the init.d folder before using L Speed.

How to clean init.h

  1. Open a File Manager application that supports root explorer (like ES File Explorer, FX File Manager)
  2. Open the Root directory (/)
  3. Next Open the/system/etc/init.d folder (if there is no init.d folder Please ignore all these steps, you can directly install L Speed APK)
  4. Open the init.d folder
  5. Delete all files from other mods (such as Zipalign, SQLite, SetPermissions, system tweaks, etc.), except Init.d System Provisioning
  6. Done, reboot your device

Setting L Speed

Untuk mengatasi lag saat bermain game, Anda perlu setting tweak gaming atau performa. Berikut cara setting L Speed APK untuk gaming, khususnya PUBGM, CODM, Free Fire. Selain itu Anda juga setting untuk menghemat baterai.


  • Profil: Performance
  • CPU Tuner
    • Tuning CPU: Performance
  • GPU Tuner
    • GPU Optimizer: Performance
    • Optimize Buffer: On
    • Force GPU Rendering: On

Battery Life

  • Profil: Battery
  • Baterai
    • Optimasi doze: On
  • GPU Tuner
    • GPU Optimizer: Power saving

Final Word...

Well that's how Android gaming tweaks using L Speed APK. That's all this short articles, good luck and hopefully useful. If there is a tutorial that is unclear, please comment below.

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