How Use GLTools for PUBG Mobile 60 FPS Android & Phoenix OS

How Use GLTools for PUBG Mobile 60 FPS Android & Phoenix OS

How to Use GLTools 60 FPS PUBG Phoenix OS
How to use GLTools APK PUBG 60 FPS - Playing PUBG and Call of Duty Mobile games using Phoenix OS is indeed lighter than on using emulators. To improve gaming performance on Phoenix OS, you can perform graphic optimization using the GLTools app.

What is GLTools?

GLTools is a special application driver OpenGL ES. The application is compatible with both ARM's CPU and GPU. With GLTools app you can do certain graphic settings that are not in the game for the game to play more smooth without rendering issues.

Many features are owned by GLTools, such as activating MSAA or CSAA, changing GPU template, Shader optimization, texture optimization and more. Alright, here's how to set GLTools on Phoenix OS to play more smoothly.

Download GLTools APK
Link : Google Drive
Requirement: Android 2.3 ARM or x86, Root

How to Use GLTools PUBG Mobile (Best Setting)

Step 1. Download and install GLTools as usual, then go to GLTools and select a game, for example PUBG Mobile.

Step 2. Here's the best GLTools setting for PUBG Mobile 60 fps:


  • Check Enable custom setting for this.
  • Check Force 16 bit rendering (Lowers rendering to 16 bits of 24/32 bits, lowers graphics quality and certainly improves performance)
  • Check Optimize GLSL shaders (Fitur ini berguna untuk mengoptimalkan shader OpenGL pada struktur warna dan tekstur)
  • Enable texture decompression : All
  • Enable texture recompression : Decompressed only/All (By selecting the option in this texture compression it will decrease the graphics quality slightly and reduce the bandwidth load of the GPU, which will certainly improve the performance)
  • Check Use FPS counter To display the number of FPS in the game.
  • Check Use fake GPU info and then check Use fake CPU/RAM info.
  • Click Use a template
  • On the option GPU, select Mali-G72 / Andreno 630.

Phoenix OS

How to Use GLTools 60 FPS PUBG Phoenix OS

  • Check Enable custom setting for this.
  • CheckOptimize GLSL shaders
  • Enable texture decompression : All
  • Enable texture recompression : Disable (I've tried to turn on this option, but instead often rendering. So please try adjusting it on your device)
  • Check Use FPS counter.
  • Check Use fake GPU info and also check Use fake CPU/RAM info.
  • Click Use a template
  • On the option GPU select Mali-G72
  • Because this option can work with the Phoenix OS. On the RAM and CPU option please adjust it, as this is an optional option.

Other GPU template options for Phoenix OS:

  • NVIDIA Tegra 4 (SHIELD) and change the OpenGL version from 2.0 to 3.0

This GPU Template will decrease the quality of the graphics and will certainly improve the FPS of the game. And if the FPS settings are only up to the Medium, then leave it because the game is still running according to the previous FPS or you can use GFXTools to open the settings until Extreme.

  • Next scroll through the Expert options and check Disable shader cache.

Disabling the shader cache is useful if you are still using a Harddisk, because the shader stack that the game requires will be slow if it is processed through an older eMMC or Harddisk. By selecting this feature the Chace shader will be processed full by the GPU.

How to Use GLTools 60 FPS PUBG Phoenix OS

That's how to set GLTools PUBG Mobile 60 FPS and Call of Duty Mobile on Phoenix OS. . There are many feature options on this app, but not all can be used on the Phoenix OS.

One example is Force 16 bit rendering, after restart then the game used will be force close, and Downscale texture that will make the graphics become messy.

Well that's all for the article How to use GLTools PUBG 60 FPS on Android and Phoenix OS, good luck and hopefully useful.

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