5 Best MOBA Games for Low-End PC 2020

5 Best MOBA Games for Low-End PC 2020

MOBA or also sometimes called ARTS is a very popular game genre in the world. This Genre is quite difficult for beginners because of the complex learning process and also not much to like. MOBA is one of those genres that is somewhat old because it is originally a game that comes from a mod. This time there is the best lightweight Moba PC that you can use while playing this game.

The world's first MOBA is a game called Aeons of Strife. AoS is the first Moba game that was originally a mod of Stracraft and became an inspiration for DOTA in Warcraft. This Game has all the features of a MOBA like a hero character, three Lane, and RPG-style features. Here we will give you 5 lightweight PC Moba games that you can play everyday. This Game is very light and can even be played in potato PC though.


Who does not know this, as one of the most veteran MOBA, Dota is often the benchmark of a MOBA game. The Game, commonly referred to as the ARTS genre (Action Real Time Strategy), is one of the most popular and best MOBA you can play on your PC.

League of Legends

League of Legends or LoL is a hugely popular Riot game that is somewhat rival of Dota in terms of popularity. This Game is very light and can even be played on the worst PC. Even his popular sangking LoL until it will eject a smartphone version of the port for LoL.


Smite is one of the most unique MOBA than any other. If MOBA generally takes a point of view from above then you will play Smite of 3rd person from behind like TPS game. This Game is very lightweight and can be played on many PC Kentan though. Themed mythology Gods and legends create an attraction of this game.


Paladins is a MOBA that takes the idea of an arena shooter game like Quake. Unlike other MOBA, Paladins is a fast-paced shooter Arena. Paladins is also a very light game and can also be played in the potato PC.


Vainglory is a MOBA pioneering game on smartphones that even embark on a now many-muted MOBA journey on your smarthphone. Unfortunately this game is not well taken care of and becomes lonely. But this game supports cross platform that can be played on PC. Quite light because this game is basically an HP game.

Those are the 5 best and the most popular PC Moba games you can play on your PC. Even this game runs smoothly in potato PC generally because of the very light spec. So there will be a lot of people who can try these games.

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